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Stalker Lidar: Beam Pattern

Cut to the chase: this confirms three beams, 3 intensities.

Above is flashed picture of the image below, BOTH off the video side screen

Zoomed in HARD

Smaller Blue sign ~300 feet.

Here is a 5' x 10' Orange street sign I use in beam pattern comparisions:

667 feet:

The varying intensity of the sign background is due to the vehicles flashers being used.


Stalker vs. LTI Marksman 20/20

Laser diodes: Stalker above, LTI Marksman below (unit turned sideways)


Similar to the LTI Marksman, there is a three beam intensity @ 667 feet


LTI MArksman @ 670 feet below:

Left LTI @ 670' ......   Right Stalker @667'

The Stalker has a similar pattern but brighter intensity?  Both "Square" patterns

Stalker Photo Normal size

The letter size of the "next mile" is 10" high the first two rows are taller ~12"

The sign height is 5'.  This shot is zoomed in with LIDAR 667 feet away.

The beam pattern covers 22 inches PLUS the space between the printing ~5"?

So does the square pattern of the beam intensity really matter?

Well above it will cover BOTH cars....

While this 1/30th of a second photo looks good the operators aim is constantly moving.

IF FACT the operators manual says to focus on one point (place)

and pan with the vehicles movement to keep that reference point constant through the reading.

Here the beam can cover the hood, side body panel (fender) and portions of the front air dam.

So WHICH distance reflection is being calculated?

Learn about Beam Sweep and the calculations of inflated speeds here:

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