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Kustom Pro Laser II



Lense cap removed.

Optic Lense must be scratch free and clean.


"SELF TEST" below:

Red sighting dot superimposed on the HUD (view finder)

Rear Display blanked out and shown on the HUD


Mounted use:

Serial Number Location and F.D.A Certification Tag.

Aiming through the HUD.

Distance at 114 feet.

Sighting through the HUD at traffic.

Notice the above frame is seconds before the below frame,

presumably the white car in the slow lane (left in view) moving to the center lane is the target.

The issue is the HUD is to simulate the beam at the distance viewed through the HUD.

The ABOVE beam pattern covers four vehicles at different depths.........

Check the White car RIGHT at frame edge and the spots of other

cars to verify this is the FIRST frame in a sequence

Above the 18 Wheeler Truck is aimed at, but the beam

shows the entire length of the trailer in its beam reflection

These three frames are from the Video

"The Speeding Trap" by Speed Measurement Laboratories

2300 Harvest Glen - Fort Worth,TX. 76108


61 MPH receding (away from operator)

(possible Pro Laser (I) picture)

63 MPH @ 159 feet coming towards the operator.

Its important to note when the Pro Laser II is turned on the

setting of "speed" value is 5 (minimum readable) and Bidirectional traffic. Page 7

and on page 9: (selecting direction)

"no sign indicates that it will display speeds of all traffic regardless of direction."

However, on page 16 of the Pro Laser II manual:

3. "When the speed of a moving target has been determined,.......

and the speed of an approaching target will be displayed with no prefix."


I have a copy of the operators / owners manual

and I'll post some info from it here at a later date.

Specs from the Pro Laser, I suspect the Pro Laser II has some variances

I find it interesting the 0.3 second acquisition time is speed dependant.

One question I'd like answered is does the time interval increase with speed or decrease?

Page 22 tells all:

The Pro Laser III (next generation with different aperture style)

doesn't list a reference time with its 0.3 second acquisition time.......

Some interesting notes from the Pro Laser II operators manual.

Laser Diode