20 V 3 B Install

How we did one.  It may not be the "correct" way, so proceed at your own risk.

We popped the motor after a track session at NHIS/NHMS.

The car got too hot and when we stopped in the pits, 

the lack of air flow & heat soak;

boiled over the motor and blew the Head Gasket.

So its 20 V swap time!

If you've pulled a motor before, its pretty straight forward.

I hadn't, so we took some pictures and the time to

take the JT (replaced with a MC - 1) motor out

without cutting the front superstructure.

Pulled the hood

We disconnected all the wires and linkages, labeling everything.

Air Box (We had a MC - 1 turbo so IC and Oil Cooler lines)

Radiator and coolant tanks, removed

Top mounted pumps, (PS)  hoses pushed to the side.

Transmission Bolts

We found several bolts & sizes.

We labeled them all and put them in a template.

Check the two bolts that hold the starter on.  

One goes into the trans bell housing.

Engine Out

Time Saver:  PULL the front crank bolt:

This flywheel pulley has to go to give you the last bit 

of wiggle room needed for a turbo IM to clear.

We tried a Pulley Puller

A hammer.

All these wasted about an hour until I 

decided the Pulley was held on by the crank bolt.

Off with the big bolt and the pulley came right off!

Motor Mounts (2)

Drivers side is simple.  The Exhaust side was harder.

Turbo Exhaust side above

IF you undo the 2 nuts, the mount can stay with the Exhaust Manifold side engine mount

Drivers side

The center of the mount attaches to the engine bracket.

Here the old one separated / disintegrated.

Exhaust pipe Cut

The last motor connection to the car was the exhaust pipe.

You could use a cut off wheel, or torch.  

I got to do my first ever Plasma cut!

One note:  Keep the Down Pipe length short!  

This caught on the CV axle boot and may have torn the rubber boot, 

needing replacement. It also make "wiggling" the motor harder!


Clearance was really tight

Turbo IM first, so we rotated the engine to lay flat boxster like 

So you go straight forward until you get some slack from the flywheel

then wiggle the front, tilt up a bit (to clear hood pin flange) 

and then towards the drivers side where the radiator was.

Here John helps out and celebrates in amazement.

Onto the Palette for future storage.

Useful Tools

These bar LED lights are really helpful.

Get one if you don't have one already!

Random Pictures


These methods *may* not work for you.

USE chains when lifting engines.

You can get hurt, crushed or die from an accident while swapping the motor.

Safety glasses, jack stands and the proper equipment should be used.

HTH - Scott by BOSTON