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Mass State Police Laser / Lidar use

on Route 1 Northbound in Danvers MA.

The above speed limit sign for 10 miles Southbound and ~7 miles Northbound

MAY NOT be D.O.T approved in size and shape.

Route 1 North or South seems like its straight down and up the hill

but a closer look reveals its not. See photo [1] below:

Here is the Vantage Point in the breakdown lane on Rt 1 North.

Please note I took this photo next to the curb.

The officer either stands in front of the cruiser

or along the solid line between the cruiser and the travel lanes.

Not only does the large sign come more into view as you step closer to the travel lane,

the sign supports interfere with a direct line of sight.

Panning a vehicle down the hill will return different distance reflections to the instrument

In the above picture: the truck surface is viewable from

the bumper to the roof when coming down hill.

The Kustom Pro-Laser manuals mention NOT to use a sloping decent, but a level area.

*** Update:  the state of Georgia has a law that LIDAR cannot be used on a 7% slope or greater. ***

Each circle above represents a multiple target reflection within 3-4 feet,

the beam width at nearly 3,000 feet is close to 9' square

The laser beam is square and roughly 3' SQUARE at 1,000 feet.

Horizon is nearly 3,000 Ft away: 1/2 mile is 2,640 FT.

Each circle / box above shows great distance differences within beam width aim.

All these are well within the 3' beam spread at 1,000 feet. 

Objects in view, most are beyond 1,000 feet.

All manual clips are from the Kustom Pro-Laser III operators manual

and there are different versions, all are respective rights

of the owners and authors.

All photos have a slight zoom for clarity.

Mass ALSO uses the LTI Ultra Lyte and the LTI Marksman 20 / 20

See the Marksman beam pattern here

See what Stalker LIDAR says about "Sweep Effect":

Beam Width.