ABS Controller Remanufactured replacement

Brakes that fail can cause injury, property damage and/or death.

If you are not experienced in mechanical repairs, let a qualified mechanic do this!

Proceed at your own risk, I take no responsibility for your actions.

If your brake light CEL is flashing or on, your ABS controller may be bad.

There are two module remanufactures I found (no affiliation) 

Module Master http://www.modulemaster.com/en/Audi/index.php (Idaho) at ~ $200

or BBA reman (in Taunton, Mass) for ~ $139 ( ~ $89 Wholesale)


The ABS module is attached to the brake distribution box.

photo from Module Master

You have to remove the radiator overflow (coolant expansion) tank; 

three Phillips screws.  Set aside on Intake Manifold

The controller sits in a metal bracket held by 

two nuts ( 13 mm ) on

studs into the brake pump manifold, isolated by rubber grommets.


Once loose, the whole pump controller assembly can be "lifted" by

your fingers carefully upward and tilted towards the block.

The lines will move, but the number of them provide resistance to movement.

Be really careful to not kink them or ruin the bracket.

There are 6 "star" bolts holding the unit on. 

The bottom drivers firewall one is nearly impossible

Room is tight, so a short throw hex socket 1/4" worked okay

I used my finger to keep the socket in the bolt by pressure.

The ABS harness connects here (and there is a two prong motor connector below)

There is a sliding clip which helps hold it down.

photo from Module Master

Pull it left towards the front of the car a little bit.

We drove it for a while ( you WILL HAVE NO anti-Lock brakes )

while the ABS module was rebuilt, so we cleaned the contacts 

and protective wax/grease (we put on) off them with tuner / brake cleaner.

Basically, plug and play to a degree.

Tight clearances and the metal bracket holds the studs into the pump 

housing which is isolated by the rubber grommets, so don't loose them.

Then put the radiator overflow tank back.

The sixth star bolt will be really hard to reach and I skipped it on the reassembly.

We didn't need to reset the ECU or Vag-Com the module.

Plugged in and the blinking CELs went away!



$139 (list) rebuild, Gas money and your time make this a ~ $200 repair.

Part Detail:

1999 A4 Sedan Quattro Tiptronic 1.8T

ABS brake controller v 5.3. 

The (upper left) two contact prongs are the pump power connector.